Midlife Crisis?

Having a Midlife Crisis? Thinking of making some dramatic changes like quitting your job or leaving your wife? The truth is that in all likelihood the problem is internal, not external, so changing cars, employers, or partners isn’t going to make a difference. Sure, corvette midlife crisissuch changes will distract you for a while and perhaps make you believe that you feel better, but after some time passes you will find yourself right back where you are now – except that you will probably be out more than a little cash and be alienated from your family.

Here’s a better idea. Before you condemn your children to years of therapy, why not get some yourself? While you are at it, start a spiritual practice. Take the money you would spend on prostitutes and a sports car and go on a retreat. You might focus on this truth that the Buddha taught: We are all of the nature to age, get sick, and die. No amount of Viagra is going to change that, because premature albeit temporary rigor in one part of your body won’t prevent the rest of your body from getting it one day. Realize that the only one responsible for your happiness is you – nobody and nothing outside of yourself can cause you to be happy. Besides, like the caption implies, your liver spots are going to give you away anyway, and you wife tolerates not only that but all your other little oddities. Better to quit while you’re ahead and book that retreat.

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