Burger King

Burger King is about to buy Tim Horton’s, a fast food chain in Canada, and then allegedly move their headquarters to Canada to Burger King mascotavoid paying US corporate taxes – and everyone is all up in arms. The real question is, why would you eat that stuff anyway?

A strange thing has happened to me since my back surgery in June. I can’t look a fast food burger in the face, the thought of it just makes me nauseated. Pink slime, chicken ooze, and who knows what else, have just lost all appeal to me. I can still get a breakfast item without throwing up, but that’s not what I am talking about. If Burger King seeks to dodge the American tax system, just eat somewhere else – it’s not like there aren’t plenty of alternatives. If you don’t, then admit you don’t care about their tax dodging. It’s just that simple. By the way, is that the drool of greed running down the King’s chin in that picture?

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