Where do you find spirituality?

Let’s be honest – institutional religion is not exactly drawing people in droves. Decades of focusing on what people do with their genitals to the exclusion of real questions that real people face has finally taken its toll. The not very surprising thing is that interest in spirituality is perhaps at an all time high, even as people struggle to find places and spaces to develop and explore their spirituality. The truth is that you can find god hit 1 ironspirituality on a golf course, but if you spend all of your free time there the odds are your family isn’t going to be very happy with you. What’s more, if your time on the golf course leaves you more tense that relaxed you might do well to take a break from your frustration! In all honesty, opportunities to explore our spirituality are all around – but we have to take the time to look for them and develop them. Instant spirituality, much like instant coffee, is a pretty poor substitute for the real thing!

Contrary to what some might say, exploring our spirituality doesn’t require a huge time commitment. We can begin with a few minutes a day spent in silence, or by learning to pause periodically throughout the day to look a little deeper into our experiences. We might decide that every time we have to stop at a red light, or at every station our train stops at, we will take three intentional breaths. There are many ways to begin, and perfection is not required – nor is it possible – so we can relax!

 Where do you find Community?

Americans find themselves in a bit of a tricky situation. We are fiercely independent, we work long hours, we enroll our children in seemingly endless extra-curricular activities, our schools give even very young grade school children homework, many of us are single parents or parenting blended families with many children, and our wages haven’t kept up with our expenses over the last several decades. Many of us lack either the time or the energy to have a social life or be involved in many (or any) community building activities, despite the fact that the research clearly shows that connected people enjoy better health and live longer. You might say that being too busy to have fun is killing us! One of the places that people found community in the past was at church, but with the decline of institutional religion that has become more difficult. There good news is that there are other ways to build spiritutal community! If there is something in your town that you believe needs to be addressed, joining with others who share your perspective is a great way to start building community. There are any variety of volunteer opportunities begging for help, many only requiring a few hours a month. Imagine expanding your community by volunteering one hour a week! There are also meditation groups, yoga classes, Pilates classes, opportunities to learn a new skill or hobby, and many other offerings at local community centers and recreation departments. Community is literally a phone call away, and community is a spiritual endeavor! 

Where do you find spiritual support?

Bishop Craig is your Interspiritual Bishop. An ordained Christian minister, he has also studied Buddhism and other Eastern traditions for almost metwenty years. As a leader and innovator, he has founded several organizations that seek to assist people in walking their spiritual path including The UAIC and its local expression, the Compassionate Heart Community here in greater Milwaukee. As an individual, he has spent the last twenty-five years attending to the spiritual needs of people in our area and across the country, regardless of their spiritual or religious affiliation.

At times, life can get overwhelming. It can seem that, no matter how hard we try, we keep falling behind. Perhaps you are struggling at work or in a relationship with a friend or loved one. Perhaps you are struggling to cope with an illness, whether yours or that of a loved one. Whether you are interested in a visit at home or in the hospital, seeking spiritual care or guidance, looking for a speaker on a spiritual theme, or just want to talk things over, Craig is happy to meet with you. Locally, he is available to meet with you in person. Across the country, and the world, he is available to meet via Skype and other similar methods. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you would like to know more!

If you would like to contact Craig directly, please feel free to do so by completing this form!

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