Spiritual Diarrhea

Aviary Photo_130404215166323678Have you ever encountered someone with spiritual diarrhea? They just burst forth with irrelevant scripture citations or other statements of their “unique” spiritual perspective? You might be sitting at dinner, enjoying a nice conversation, when all of a sudden they proclaim, “For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son. John 3:16!” Do you find yourself sitting awkwardly, not knowing quite how to respond, and wishing at least a little bit that you had chosen another dinner companion? Well now there is hope! Immodium has released a new formula, Immodium SD, especially for spiritual diarrhea. Just give you companion two tablets on the first sign of SD, and one tablet after ever subsequent explosion. Your dinner companion will be back to better than normal in no time! Do not exceed four tablets in twenty-four hours, may cause spiritual cramping, a decrease in boorishness, and spiritual constipation.

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