Bos primigenius feces

I realize I may be asking a lot, but could we just cut the bullshit? Can we just let all of it drop, the posturing, the image building, the bullshitpersonae, the private self vs. public self – as if either was worth a damn, all of the hiding this or that so that I look more presentable and so might be accepted by you – even though the me that you will accept isn’t really me at all? Could we just develop the courage to say, “here I am, take me or leave me, I can be no other?” I didn’t really think so, but it was worth a shot on the off chance that we might get past the nonsense and get down to the business of making our world a better place to be. Maybe you are right, maybe authenticity is over rated. Maybe the only way to get anybody’s attention is with some shitty haircut – like a balding guy with dreads – that fools people into thinking we are trendy rather than relying on the quality of our ideas – or maybe we suspect our ideas aren’t good enough by themselves and so rely on slick packaging of the container to let them slip past those who don’t really pay attention. In any event, can we see that none of it raises the bar on the future?

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