Creation and Science

Christ Enlight holds to the Big Bang theory of creation and believes that God is and was the energy not only behind the Big Bang but also that supports and sustains all that is, was, and will be. When the time comes that science develops a more concise theory than the Big Bang, we will hold that theory.

What of the biblical creation narrative? We hold that it is a wonderful folk tale that was created in response to the question, “Mommy and Daddy, where did we come from?” We find that story to contain many truths in the form of metaphor, but we do not believe it to be a literal, historical, or scientific account of creation. The reasons for this are many, not the least of which is that there are actually two accounts of creation in the Book of Genesis. Other significant points of interest are that the sun doesn’t appear until the third “day” of creation (which begs the question as to how the first two days were measured); the patriarchy and oppression that has resulted from the biblical account of woman being taken from man, created from a rib of his, and named by man along with the animals and subsequently being responsible for the fall of humankind from the Garden of Eden; the Flood in which all living things perished except those aboard Noah’s Ark and wherein the entire world was seen to be covered with water is not a scientific possibility; the three tiered view of the world including the flat earth theory; and there are many others. Biblical literalists of all stripes have gone to great effort to explain these things away, but I must ask what kind of an all-powerful God would need human beings to explain away “facts” about the creation?

Christ Enlight also rejects the so-called “Creation Science” as a complete and total fiction, and finds that the so-called scientist who support it are no longer scientist but rather apologists for the flat earth society. One of the saddest moments in my personal experience came when I read that my Alma Mater, Wisconsin Lutheran College, had established a creation science program. When I attended WLC it was a school with great integrity. Those days are obviously gone.

We hold with the Dalai Lama that if and when science proves that something we believe is not correct, we must change what we believe. We hold that scientists perform the very worthwhile job of investigating the universe of which God is the Ground of Being. In doing so, they cannot help but teach us about God. We need to listen. Of course, we need to listen with a discerning mind, for science is not perfect and is subject to error just as any field of human endeavor is prone to error. The key is to remain fluid in thought or belief, and to avoid at all costs becoming entrenched in yesterday’s truth.

It seems that one day our universe will end. The resulting implosion will no doubt impact our galaxy. It is naive to assume that we are the only living beings in a constantly expanding universe, and it is equally naive to scan the skies for UFOs. When the universe comes to an end it will not do so in the way that the Book of Revelation predicts. The Book of Revelation is a highly symbolic piece of literature that belongs to the genre of Apocalyptic literature. It has never been appropriate to take that literature literally, just as no thinking, rational person would hop into an oven after reading the Book of Daniel (another example of Apocalyptic).

Medicine, as a part of science, is a vital part of any responsible spirituality. We reject as naive and irresponsible any parent who would deny their child medical treatment for any reason. We find religious beliefs which would deny medical treatment to anyone for any reason. Even as we affirm the value and effectiveness of prayer, we do not believe it to ever take the place of medical care. Prayer and medicine are two complementary but distinct fields. We need both.

In the biblical creation story we learn that we have been made custodians of the created order. since This means that environmentalism should be a part of our spirituality. Since God is the Source of All, including nature, those who claim to believe in God simply must be concerned for all of creation. We must recognize that to destroy the environment is to destroy ourselves, our children and grandchildren. As part of our stewardship of creation, we must have absolute respect for all living beings – humans, plants, and animals – as well as inanimate parts of creation such as natural resources.

As the Christ Enlight discussion continues, there will be other questions that arise regarding these issues. Rather than respond in fear to these questions, we welcome the opportunity to further the dialogue and learn more about ourselves, the created order of which we are a part, and God. We acknowledge that for any faith to be alive, it must be fluid.

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