How Does God "Act" in the World?

Christ Enlight posits a God who is not an interventionist God – doesn’t act from on high to change or influence anything, not human behavior, not natural disasters, not the outcome of sporting events, not anything. Does this mean that followers of the teachings of Christ Enlight are Deists – those who believe that God created all that is, set it spinning in motion, and then abandoned it to play out as it will? If we aren’t Deists, what do we believe about God’s actions in the universe?

It is extremely important to say that Christ Enlight does not teach Deism, nor do we believe in an interventionist God. We believe that God is both Source and Sustainer of all that is. We also do not believe in a theistic God, that God is some sort of super-human super-person who lives just beyond the clouds, sits on a throne and, to paraphrase Bette Midler, is watching us from a distance. The Ground of All Being could not possibly not interact, even if only to keep the universe spinning. The question then becomes:

How does God act in the world?

The answer is through the indwelling Holy Spirit, also known as Wisdom or Sophia. Inside of all humanity, born into all of us, are stirrings and leadings and the knowledge of right and wrong, fairness and justice, compassion and love – all of which influence how we act on the world. Whatever name you wish to attribute to these motivations, for the purposes of Christ Enlight we call them the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. When we act according to these influences, these actions are in fact God at work. This can be clearly seen by the altruistic actions that spring from these motivations.

Of course there are motivations that do not spring from the influence of Holy Mother Wisdom. Left to our own devices we can and do act selfishly, tribally, and to the detriment of others–but the Spirit moves us otherwise. If you doubt this reality, all you have to do is watch the evening news or look to the massive amounts of negative karma that all of us have accumulated.

We can also look to the horrifying actions of the early Hebrew people, who assumed they were acting in accord with God’s will as they wiped out towns, cities, villages, and kingdoms while raping, burning, and pillaging. Sophia had not yet arisen in them, and so they acted only from the natural law of survival of the fittest. Perhaps the most important part of Jesus’ message and mission was to finally put an end to the Law by fulfilling it and replacing it demonstratively with the sending of the Holy Spirit. The Law was no longer the measurement of one’s walk with God, the indwelling Spirit and the new Law of Love was and is. In fact, if we ever become successful at living by the Law of Love, all other Laws will shrivel and die of their own accord.

Some will say that since God dwells in us we are God. This is faulty reasoning. Jung’s notion of the Collective Unconscious dwells within us as well, but no one of us carries the entirety of the Collective Unconscious because it belongs to all of us. The Spirit is the same. No one of us are God, but was are all God’s and we are all gods.

When I come to dwell in a house, the house doesn’t become me. It does at times contain me and certainly reflects my presence and influence through how I live in it. In the same way, we must stop trying to become God and focus instead on the truth that we are gods and can do bigger things than Jesus did if only we will have faith in the teachings and learn them. Stated another way, we must seek to become christs (plural) and open ourselves radically to the leading of Holy Mother Wisdom and thereby do even greater things than Jesus did – change our world definitively and forever!

If Jesus, as a single Christ, affected the world as radically and as long-lastingly as he did, imagine what kind of an impact ten christs would have – or one hundred, or one thousand, or ten thousand. This isn’t some wild, new age nonsense pulled from under our hats, but the natural consequences of the teachings of Jesus himself.

We can all step into this reality right now. All that is required is to listen to that still, small voice within and act in accord with it.

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