Toddler Morality

Anyone who defends their actions by saying that someone else did the same or similar things first has the reasoning and ethical ability of a toddler. Toddlers should not be President of the United States. Advertisements

Racism in Healthcare Access

On Tuesday I did my best to cut off the tip of my index finger. Fortunately, I wasn’t completely successful. I went back to my car in search of bandages, but the best I could do was a McDonald’s napkin and some packing tape. Still, I made a pretty commendable bandage that was water tight.…

The God Problem

Houston, we have a God problem. Seriously. Far too many people are carrying an image of God not unlike the one below. There’s nothing inherently wrong with such an image, but it is extremely limited and in a modern context affords a number of problems – not the least of which is that God has terrible posture…

Exhibit A

To those who thought my past last week about much of America, by virtue of IQ being distributed across a bell curve, being not the brightest bulb in the box was a  bit unfair, I offer: Exhibit A


There are changes afoot at Bishop Craig Ministries. Our technology department has been in the process of searching for better outlets for our podcasts and other programming. After a period of reflection I had decided, against my better judgment, to discontinue our podcast through PodOMatic and become a premium host with Blog Talk Radio (BTR).…