What is Interspirituality?

im_shockedAt its heart, Interspirituality is being free and comfortable walking into your primaryhumble pie told you so spiritual center and announcing you went to a spiritual center from a completely different tradition last week, knowing you won’t have anyone looking at you like Barney Fife. You also know that you won’t be thought less of for following your spiritual calling – assuming, of course, that your calling isn’t to sacrifice virgins or anything like that – and exploring new paths. With that freedom comes the freedom to say that a place you visited wasn’t your cup of tea without anyone screaming “I told you so!” Contrary to what some cynics may say, Interspirituality isn’t about a kind of pick and choose spirituality, it’s about the search for truth everywhere we may find it. There’s no point at which adding more truth renders everything false, after all.

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