True, False, or Impossible to Tell

Beware spiritual teachings and teachers which cannot be proven either true or false. I saw an ad for a conference at Omega Art-of-Money-Getting-pngInstitute for someone who offers “healing techniques from other realms.” Omega is one of those places that has some really solid programming and some pretty shaky stuff – like healing from other realms. The problem is that none of us can verify that this stuff isn’t completely made up by the teacher and, depending on precisely what someone is seeking healing for, there could be some pretty devastating consequences to seeking healing from other realms. Even if we believe we can access other realms in an attempt to verify her methods, whatever that means, we may not be in the same other realm that this person was or is in when she acquired her methods. If someone delays getting responsible treatment for a potentially fatal illness because they believe in her other realm healing and then doesn’t recover, I believe people like this should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We should run far and run fast from anyone with an unverifiable teaching, and make sure we don’t leave our wallets behind when we start running!

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