The Lowest Common Denominator

I keep running across evidence that seems to indicate that the average person is an idiot.

I’m not trying to be negative, here, really I’m not, but the truth is that we Americans live in a Country where people still believe President Obama is a Muslim; that the Mormon religion is a cult but Christian fundamentalism – which encourages associating only with those who share your religious perspective – isn’t; where people in Michigan can hold a “conference” allegedly about the safety of Muslim women, then refuse entry to Muslim women, and believe they are fooling anyone about their intent or beliefs; where alleged Christians engage in a regular basis on the idolatry that is Nationalism; where people blindly support any military action anywhere in the world, regardless of the reason for said action, as long as the United States initiates it; where racism still exists; where anyone still believes that government has the best interests of anyone other than those holding office at heart; where corporations are believed to be people, and people are declared less than human because of the color of their skin or the God they worship – or don’t worship; where there isn’t outrage and rebellion at our rate of incarceration in general and rate of incarceration of people of color in particular; where draconian sentencing still exists; where Presidents violate the Constitution with impunity, Vice Presidents are war criminals and we refuse to prosecute them, and Congress is more interested in everybody else’s penis and vagina than they are with keeping their own genitals under wraps; where we still execute people; where there isn’t outrage over attempts to privatize virtually everything because people believe that corporations better behaved than government; and where we decry religious fanatics from other parts of the world why allowing our own to run for public office.

Shit, I give up.

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