Hey, You Bigots, Can We Talk?

First, a disclaimer: This is not a political message, nor is it an endorsement of any candidate.

I have had more than enough of all of you neo-nazi, nationalist, racist, myopic crackers who have just slightly less understanding of religion that a developmentally disabled amoeba characterizing Trinity United Church of Christ on the south side of Chicago as anything less than what it is – a truly Christian Church that is changing lives through hard work and openness to the movement of the Spirit of God among them.

Now, before you all run off to consult your dictionaries and sing the “ABC” song in hope you can remember alphabetical order, let me explain this is smaller words you might be able to understand.

Ethnically centered faith communities have existed as long as faith communities have existed. If you take the time to ride through the older parts of whatever city you happen to live in and look at the inscriptions over the church doors, you will find all kinds of interesting things in all kinds of interesting languages. In case you have trouble putting all of this together, those inscriptions are there because all of those churches began as ethnic churches. In fact, many of them continue to function as ethnic churches at least part of the time. In my part of the world you can still find Sunday worship services in German and Polish – and I don’t hear anybody getting all fired up over those services or attempting to slander them as “non-Christians.” I have to conclude from this that either those folks who are upset with Trinity UCC are completely ignorant of anything having to do with the history of ethnic churches in this country, or that their real objection has more to do with the particular ethnicity of Trinity – and that, my friends, is racism.

Ignorant, racist, or both, there is nothing of value that this camp could possibly contribute to intelligent debate.

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