Overcoming Entitlement

I am afraid we have devolved into a culture of hugely entitled, spoiled brats who believe they are entitled to whatever it is they want – they even go so far as to cast their desires a rights – but that they have no responsibility to see to it that others receive even the most basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter, and medical care.

The notion that I have a right to own an assault rifle, which has no use other than to kill people, but that everybody else is on their own reflects such a profoundly stunted moral development that it is impossible to trust that person has sufficient judgment to responsibly own such a weapon.

To believe that I have no societal responsibility to ensure that another human being has food, clothing, shelter, and medical care means that I consider other people to in fact be less that human. I then see them as disposable commodities, lives that I can snuff out with all the regret I feel after stepping on an ant. That’s precisely the attitude of a terrorist or other mass murderer. The only difference is these folks wave a flag as they pull their trigger.

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