Radicalized Christians

We need to start having honest discussions in America about the truth that there are radicalized Christians living here. One example would be the so-called Dominionists, who believe that humanity must exercise dominion over (i.e., have blatant disregard for)  the planet in order for Christ to come again. It’s fine to believe that nonsense if you want, but if you cross the line and start doing things to damage the environment, to cite just one example, believing that in doing so you are ushering in the end times, you have now become just as radicalized and dangerous as any other terrorist.

Such beliefs are dangerous in the minds of people in power because to them an apocalyptic war might not be a bad thing. In fact, quite the opposite. They may actually believe they are doing God’s will in starting such a war. While such beliefs seem ridiculous to most rational people, radicalized believers sometimes operate on the fringes of reality or in an alternate reality they construct by literalizing metaphorical literature from the past. To them it all makes sense, but only to them. I believe Americans have a lot more to worry about from radicalized Christians than from any other group – including Middle Eastern terrorists.

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