The Unsettling Truth About Spiritual Growth

The unsettling truth about spiritual growth is that it is unsettling. As we grow, we may well find out that we change – unless, of course, you were born perfect! As we change, we start to see that some of the people we used to hang around with say and do things we just can’t go along with anymore. Some of the things we used to enjoy doing just won’t be enjoyable any longer, but the good news is that we will find new enjoyable things to do. Some of the things and some of the people won’t understand our evolving perspective, and we may well lose some friends. That’s always hard. If you think about it, though, if people remain our friends only when they agree with everything about us they were never our friends. More importantly, if we compromise our principles just to make other people happy, we aren’t going to be happy with ourselves for very long. That’s not about being snobbish or controlling, it’s about being true to ourselves.

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