Prayer Does What?

So you say prayer works because God hears prayer and then does what you want instead of what was going to happen because you T-shirt-Tennis-Padel-God-Mode-ON-color13-blanc-510x546prayed for something different? Interesting. You realize, of course, you have just promoted yourself to God. Humble much?

Oh, wait, but you named it and claimed it? Sorry, Charlie. Same difference.

When we get to the point where we understand that prayer is about keeping our mouths shut and listening rather than imagining we can play petty, manipulative games with God like we do with our friends and spouse, we are getting much closer to the truth. Most people don’t want to hear that because their prayer fantasy makes them feel big and strong, powerful and important. Reality is always less sexy than fantasy, but it does have the advantage of being, well, real. Try it some time!



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