Everybody Want to Tell Me What to Do

Lately, and by lately I mean in a growing way over the last three years or so, it seems that social media is loaded with people who want to tell me, as a white male, how to act. My problem with this is that such generous advice is predicated on a belief that we are all the same. The problem is that while in one way we as human beings are very much alike, no one subgroup of us is appropriately painted with a broad brush. Anyone is free to try, but for me it is really getting old. The result is that I am going to remove such nonsense from my social media feed because I recognize trying to buck that trend is futile. I will say this, though: nobody can “make” anybody feel anything on an emotional level. We are all responsible for our own feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Of course, rather than enter into dialog with another person there will always be those who issue behavioral commands from on high. I have to say that I admire what must me an awfully high frustration tolerance in a lot of these folks, because I don’t think their tactics stand much chance of changing anything.

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