The Life of Migrant Farm Workers

It’s just a snapshot, really. A school bus painted white and pulling out of a Speedway gas station in Lafayette, IN. The print on the side of the busmigrant bus indicated it was from a “labor company” somewhere in Florida. The front windshield of the bus was loaded with bags of chips and other snacks, the seats loaded with Hispanic laborers taking the long ride back to Florida. For most of us it has been a long time since we have had a ride in a school bus, but we probably still remember is wasn’t the most comfortable ride in the world – and our rides were relatively short! Most of us cannot imagine a long Greyhound ride, and Greyhound buses are relatively comfortable.

These are the people the Republican Presidential candidates want to deport. These are the jobs they are “stealing,” jobs that nobody else wants. These are among the laborers who are being abused and paid substandard wages, transported in substandard and dangerous transportation to work back-breaking jobs in fields. These are the people many conservatives despise and castigate, good hard-working people just trying to survive. We, all of us children of immigrants, should be ashamed – but we border on the edge of being sociopaths and.project our hate and shame onto them. As a nation we are neither intelligent, nor sensitive, nor religious. We are simply hypocrites.

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