The System Stinks

Make no mistake about it, the system is stacked against employees in every way. Even government benefits allegedly in place to protect employees actually penalize them for trying their best to keep going and then failing. If your health declines and you don’t immediately lay down and play dead, but instead try to keep going, you will eventually become ineligible for social security disability because you declined too slowly and weren’t able to work enough at the time you finally gave up to be eligible – but nobody tells you that until it is too late. The result is that you have to try to find a job you can do long enough to regain eligibility. Fortunately, our government defines substantial employment as being employment that earns just a bit over $1100 per month. So, if you can limp along long enough to become eligible before doing so takes you down again you might become eligible for the benefits you have paid into your whole life to receive.

Tell me again about lazy people on disability.

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