Here’s the Deal, See?

hartmancarveyI don’t know who was better, the real Ross Perot or Dana Carvey’s impression of Ross Perot with Phil Hartman as Admiral James Stockdale, ross-perot-businessman-quote-if-you-see-a-snake-just-kill-it-dontPerot’s running mate on Saturday Night Live. Still, I liked Ross Perot. I tend to like people who are caricatures of themselves, and Ross Perot certainly was that. I remember laughing every time he said, “Here’s the deal, see?” probably because of Dana Carvey’s spot on impression. Perot shot from the hip, something that is always refreshing in politics, and I am saddened to see him compared to Donald Trump because Trump is an asshole and Perot had some good ideas. He was too idiosyncratic to ever be elected – something we all might hope is true of Donald Trump as well, but he brought fresh air to the 1992 Presidential campaigns.

All of that is to set up what I am about to say in the style of Ross Perot: “Here’s the deal, see? If the only thing you are worried about are the problems of people just like you, then you have got much bigger problems than those of most people just like you.” Not the least of those problems is narcissism.

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