Our Own Worst Enemy

The truth is that many if not most people are their own worst enemy simply because of their self-image. We set impossible goals for ourselves own worst enemythat involve perfection or becoming a millionaire – the former being something nobody achieves and the latter bringing at least as much misery as happiness – rather than learning to be content with our lives just as we are. Rather than value our spouses or partners for the lovely, unique individuals they are, we buy into two very damaging false beliefs. The first is that the perfect partner exists. The second is that it is either appropriate or accurate to blame our partner – or anyone else – for our own shortcomings. Imagine what might happen if we came to see our own shortcomings as a part of our perfect-as-we-are selves! Imagine if we gave up the mistaken notion that perfection means flawlessness and instead chose the much more realistic notion that perfection means accepting ourselves and others just as they are – blemishes and all! We would learn to focus on the gifts that others are to us rather than who or what we wish they were. We might even do the same for ourselves, and in the process free ourselves to become the person we were always meant to become – the perfection of us, just as we are!

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