The Bible Problem

I saw a quote yesterday from Donald Trump in which he said that the Bible was important to him, but he didn’t want to get specific about it. As an aside, as a candidate Donald Trump only gets specific about insulting people and never about any plans or thoughts that he has – which is a pretty self-limiting approach to public office, but I digress. At least, regarding the Bible, Trump was inadvertently admitting what most people who pretend to love the Bible should admit in the name of honesty – that they haven’t read it and really aren’t that familiar with it. If they were familiar with the book they profess to love but don’t spend any time with they would know two very important things. The first is that most of the crap their pastor claims is in the Bible really isn’t in the Bible. The second is that most of the things they do while claiming they are doing them because of their belief in the Bible are not in the Bible, either. The result might just be that Christianity would become Christianity again. Then again, maybe that’s the last thing most Christians want.

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