Political Incorrectness

Being politically correct in America has gone way too far. It has become a tool used by tools to repress honest discourse. While there is no reason to even be intentionally insulting toward another person, we have developed into a nation of hypersensitive babies sticking their toes out looking to get stepped on and then hurling accusations at those who accidentally do what the babies secretly wanted them to do. I started to lose my patience with it when the religious right became “offended every time someone passed gas. Now the left has joined in with a host of professional victims who don’t want their victim status challenged by anyone for any reason. As for me, I am done. If you don’t like what I have to say, you don’t have to listen to me – but if you think by threatening to not listen you are going to stop me from speaking my mind then you are setting yourself up for disappointment and that disappointment will be nobody’s fault but yours.

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