We all know people who take just about everything way too seriously. They are the people trying to control the outcome of everything, the peopleAviary Photo_130836078075664385 who will fight tooth and nail over a friendly round of golf between friends, the ones who cannot play a friendly card game without it turning into a high stakes betting match. Their lives tend to be miserable, because they simply can’t relax, and they can’t relax because they are afraid if they do relax nobody will like them. They can’t seem to see that it is their inability to relax that keeps them from getting close to others – or maybe that is their subconscious or unconscious motivation and their fear of rejection ironically ensures their rejection. All we can do is love them into relaxing and so become a human re-laxative! During that process there will probably be times we want to choke the life out of them and simply have to walk away – and that’s okay, too. We all have our limits!

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