Politics and Self-Interest

I am constantly amazed at how many people are manipulated into voting against their self-interest. Of course, there are times when compassion may lead us to vote against our apparent self-interest, but in truth a vote cast out of compassion is always in everyone’s self-interest. I am referring to those people who struggle financially but vote for candidates whose platform not only offers them no relief or improvement in their situation but actually mitigates against such improvement. One example would be a single mother who votes for a candidate who disparages single mothers. Quite often, they are led to do so by people they have chosen to be authority figures in their lives. Quite often, these authorities present themselves to be spiritual or religious authorities. Make no mistake, however, no true spiritual teacher worthy of becoming an authority in your life would ever advise you to do something that would harm you or those you love. If you find them doing so, you must dismiss them – as you must dismiss candidates for a political office who do the same.

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