Moral Responsibility

We have reached the point in this country where we have to admit that resisting attempts at better gun control makes the person resisting suchnra-cho controls morally culpable in all subsequent gun attacks. This is true not because every person who uses a gun to commit a crime would have been denied a gun if we had better background checks and closed the loopholes that currently exist at places like gun shows, but because by refusing to engage in a dialogue such people continue to perpetuate the fallacy that we don’t have a gun problem. Parroting NRA talking points does not make you a participant in a responsible dialogue, it makes you an impotent pawn who is controlled by his handlers. We can do better. Nobody with a realistic grasp of the situation in America believes we can take guns away at this point. What we would like to do is our best to keep them out of the hands of people who will use them to commit the kinds of atrocities we have seen in the last two weeks in Tennessee and Louisiana.

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