A Question of Priorities

I saw a post on Facebook the other day detailing the plight of an elephant who has been in what they called “solitary confinement” for so long that it holds its own tail for company. I really do feel that is a tragic situation. However, it also makes evident a real problem that I feel I must address. I am not a person who likes to see animals abused or denied the rights that every sentient being should have. That being said, there are children in our communities who lack adequate food, clothing, and shelter. Some of them are not as cute as an elephant, I confess. More often, however, it is our own prejudice and racism that allows an animal to elicit more sympathy than another human being. It is fine to join the campaign to “free” and elephant as long as you are spending at least as much time and money, preferably a whole lot more, attempting to free an impoverished child.

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