Magic Bullets and Single Causes

When we are talking about real life, there are very few events with single causes. In reality, like is extremely complex – and human behavior is notkangaroo scratching balls an exception to the complexity of life. Unless we are talking about scratching where it itches, human motivation is impacted by a variety of forces and life events. That’s why simple solutions are most often ineffective. That doesn’t mean, however, that we shouldn’t try or that the implementation of a simple solution might not be one step in an ongoing process toward developing a complex solution. Whether the problem is poverty, racism, violence, unemployment, housing, hunger, or any of the other seemingly endless problems confronting us in 21st century America, we cannot afford to throw up our hands, announce it’s too hard, and stop trying. Neither should we be surprised, however, when several steps are necessary to confront each of the problems before us – including that persistent itch.

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