Unpopular Brutality Truth

Police brutality is a real issue, a real problem that needs to be addressed. In Milwaukee, where I live, there has been one high-profile case of a police officer killing a black man. It was not prosecuted, and it shouldn’t be – but that’s not what I want to talk about today.

In my city as of last week there have been more than forty murders, up from fourteen for the same period last year. I realize that in larger cities that number would be laughable, but the population of the city of Milwaukee is only five hundred thousand people. Last week a man tragically and accidentally struck a two year old who ran out from between cars into the street with his car and killed him. He did the right thing, stopped, got out of his car to check on the child, and another man shot and killed him and wounded a fifteen year old who was on the street. Nobody knew who the gunman was, nobody said anything until a local lawyer offered a twenty-five thousand dollar reward. Who was this murderer? The uncle of the two year old and the fifteen year old. His murder victim leaves behind a wife and four minor children.

We can, and should, carry on to hell won’t have it about police brutality. I want to know why nobody in the city seems to care about the absurd murder rate in our cities if someone other than a cop does the shooting? I want to know where the black leaders are in Milwaukee who will stand up and speak out about black on black violence, because nothing I say is going to have any impact. Is there silence because it’s not sexy to care if a man shoots his own nephew while murdering another man? Why wouldn’t that family have given up Uncle Stupid like a bad habit after he shot his own nephew? Why don’t we value life, any life, unless we can get some high-profile play out of it or a cash reward? Until we answer these questions, nothing will change.

I do know this: if I hit anyone with my car in the city I will not stop. I will call 911 and drive to the nearest police station. Things are out of control. As for Uncle Stupid, US Marshals found him in a Chicago hotel laid up with his girlfriend and he finally shot and killed the right person – himself.

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