Marriage? Non-Christians Need Not Apply

Today in the “How do these people get themselves elected?” category, we have Oklahoma State Representative Todd Russ (R), who introducedAviary Photo_130685867309901221 a bill in the State Legislature that would restrict marriage to “people of faith who want to have their marriage approved by a member of the clergy.” Others would be required to register a common law marriage – except that Oklahoma doesn’t recognize common law marriages, which leaves them out of luck. No more secular marriages in Todd’s world, because marriage is in his small mind a spiritual relationship. Presumably, by “spiritual” he means “Christian or Jewish,” and not anyone of a faith not led by clergy or a Rabbi.

In case you’re wondering how it is Rep. Russ came to these conclusions, what education he might have that would qualify him to be an expert on marriage, this information was gleaned from his website: B.S. in International Finance, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Graduate School of Banking, University of Colorado, School of the Bible, Berean University. Apparently Rep. Rust did finish a B.S. in Finance, but dropped out of both Graduate School in Banking and Bible School. Sadly, his professional experience doesn’t shed any light on his marriage expertise as the only field he has ever been employed in is banking. But, to stop them homersexshuls from getting married, Rep. Russ is only too ready to run over the Constitution and establish a State Religion. The saddest part of all is that there are enough bigoted morons in Oklahoma to elect this walking, talking piece of excrement.

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