Valentine’s Day

I know that some people spend quite a bit of time trying to come up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for their loved one. I certainly don’t wantvalentines-day to discourage that practice, but over the years I have come to feel that some of the so-called ideal gifts failed to have a lasting impact. I wonder what might happen if, in addition to whatever material gift we might choose, we also gave to our beloved an evening in which we really listen to them. I’m not talking about distracted listening, the sort of thing we do while were doing something else. I don’t mean watching TV and having a conversation at the same time, checking our phones or our email and having a conversation at the same time, or anything else that fractures or divides our attention in any way. I’m saying that the perfect gift, a gift that really would strengthen your relationship, would be to listen intently, purposefully, and without trying to accomplish anything else at the same time. Such a gift would touch your partner’s heart in a way that no amount of candy, flowers, or jewelry ever could.

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