Spiritual Organizations and Ethics

Most of the time, when we think about spiritual organizations and ethics we think about teacher conduct or misconduct. There is a whole another area of concern that is at least as important, however. As more and more small spiritual organizations spring up they look for ways both to be of service to the world and, frankly, to generate income from the world. As they do so, they need to be acutely aware that the regulations which govern them as a spiritual organization are not the same regulations that will govern them as they move into the business environment. There is no place, for example, for a spiritual organization to not fully disclose that its projects in society are in fact tied back to the spiritual organization. It is always wrong, no matter the context, to pretend to be one thing while in fact you are another. This should be readily apparent, but especially in small organizations sometimes people are put in charge of projects who have no idea about proper procedures, permissions, and disclosures. This does not give the organization a pass however. It is the responsibility of the leaders of an organization to make sure that everyone within the organization leading a project outside of the realm of strict spirituality understands what the rules are. Ignorance of the law is never an excuse.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Organizations and Ethics

    1. No, it’s more a tendency I have observed in some other places. I can tell you more when we see each other. For now, let’s just say that while money is certainly needed to run an organization and while everybody likes to see their group grow, sometimes corners get cut in ways and in areas where they really can’t be cut ethically or (sometimes) legally.

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