Ironic Weed

I find it more than a little ironic that, despite growing medical evidence of brain changes among those who smoke weed regularly, all we hear dumbassabout in the media are the economic benefits in states that have legalized it. Don’t misunderstand, I think you should be able to put what ever toxin you choose to right into your body as long as you are willing to suffer the consequences and, when appropriate, pay higher health insurance premiums. The irony is that when it comes to weed we tend to hear about the societal benefits of balanced budgets and not the real health risks. When it comes to vaccinations on the other hand, we don’t hear it all about the societal benefits of not having walking disease vectors roaming our streets. We only hear about the imagined benefits of having the freedom to poison our children’s bodies not with vaccine but with disease. On the other hand, maybe there’s no irony here at all, maybe there’s just stupidity.

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