Science by Any Other Name

Calling something science or scientific doesn’t make it so, any more than changing my name to Shaquel O’ Neil will make me a good basketball player. Over the last several years, quite possibly sensing Americans love affair with science, religion and spirituality has at times tried to depict itself as scientific. Unless what they are trying to say is that their beliefs can be substantiated in double-blind tests that have been replicated andsuccess_shaq18__180x180 published in scientific journals, calling spirituality science does not make it so.

One of the unpleasant and less than useful consequences of the era we called the Enlightenment is a devaluing of anything that cannot be measured. The truth is that much of what makes life worth living cannot be measured. Can we measure beauty? Can we measure love? Can we measure happiness, or contentment, or joy? If our goal is to live a truly well-rounded life, then we need to let science do what science does best, and avoid the trap of believing that everything of value is appropriately measured by the scientific method. Just because something cannot be measured does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

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