Jerking for Jesus

Let’s be clear. If you belong to a church or other religious or spiritual organization that doesn’t want to address the tough issues, that doesn’t want caddyshackto take a tough stand, that doesn’t want to confront the problems that are present in society but prefers instead to make nice, to keep the peace, to avoid conflict at any cost, then you don’t belong to a church – you belong to a country club. There’s nothing wrong with belonging to a country club, I know a lot of people who belong to country clubs. In fact, my parents belonged to a country club when I was growing up. The funny thing is, the sign in front of the country club didn’t say St. John’s Church, it said Tuckaway Country Club. The sad truth is, country clubs in America tend to have a lot more truth in advertising than churches do, and that’s a problem. Maybe that’s why there are so many empty seats in most churches and many people find it easier to discover God on a golf course than inside a church.

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