Happy New Year 2015!

Well, how did it go? Have you found your shoes yet, and did they look like the ones on the right of this post? I hope not. Maybe that’s why therepuke shoes man-tooting-party-horn-smare a number of college football games played on New Year’s Day. Parades are always good, too. You can sleep it off in front of either of those things and still feel like you did something.  You may want to check your cell phone for naked pictures of strangers blowing your horn. If you find any, it would probably be good to get checked out at the local free clinic.

Did you make any resolutions? Forget about them right now. You are just setting yourself up for disappointment, and you really aren’t responsible for anything you said just before soiling your shoes. Even if you were sober when you made your resolutions, forget them. Here is what I recommend: resolve to sit quietly for five minutes every morning. When you find yourself wanting more, take more time. I promise you, everything else will fall into shape if you just continue the practice for about a month. Then it will be a habit. That’s probably the best habit you can develop. The funny thing is, once you develop it all those other things you might have resolved to do will happen all by themselves. You will love the new you by this time next year.

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