The Ends Never Justify the Means

In a poll released recently, ABC News discovered that, while white Christians differ in whether or not they feel the techniques used by the CIA morally_bankruptafter 9/11 were torture, the majority of white Christians believe that torture is justified in such cases because it results in better outcomes – even though the evidence is clear that it doesn’t result in better outcomes. On the other hand, 72% of people identifying as non-religious are opposed to the use of torture. I cannot think of a more telling indictment of the failure of institutional religion, especially the failure of the theology of the groin that holds that the most important moral issues are what people do with their genitals. To be clear, the very same people who claim to worship a God who was convicted of insurrection and tortured to death by crucifixion believe that it’s okay to torture enemies of the State. See how far we haven’t come in two thousand years?

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