Express Yourself

I had the great joy of seeing my wife Erin return to singing last weekend. Way back in high school – lo, those many years ago – she was active in choir and dance. Then college and work got in the way and I got in the way with two kids in tow and another who joined us along the way. At longCAM00507 last free to explore what it is to be both individual adults and a couple without children living with us – something we have never experienced – she sang in Christmas concerts last Saturday and Sunday and had a great time. Now my task is to encourage her to continue.

What did you used to do that brought your life meaning and joy? What hobbies did you engage in that brought you to life? With whom did you interact and what did you do when interacting that allowed you to express yourself? If for some reason you can no longer participate in those things due to changes in health or your physical self, what else might you do that could bring similar joy to your life? You don’t have to guess right the first time, in fact it’s impossible to get it wrong. If something doesn’t work, just try something else. I am willing to bet that sooner rather than later you will find some way to express yourself. Go for it!

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