Hastening the Return of Jesus

There is a group of oh-so-important pseudo-Christians who believe it is their job to hasten the destruction of the planet so as to hasten the return of Jesus. This belief is based in a supposedly literal interpretation (such a thing really doesn’t exist, which is why I say supposedly) of the book of Revelation, often coupled with certain pre-conversion social practices that have destroyed a few more brain cells than most of these people could afford. Interpreting Revelation literally is rather like trying to interpret Picasso literally – it can be done, but in doing so the interpreter destroys theparanoia meaning and the beauty of the piece and is left with a cheap imitation that doesn’t serve anyone well.

These morons are more concerned about having inside information that with following a spiritual path. They have plumbed the depths of Revelation and believe that the reason Jesus’ return has been delayed all these years is that the planet hasn’t been thrown into chaos. They believe if they just destroy the environment and do whatever they can to foster war around the world they will – sooner or later – stumble onto the right set of circumstances for Jesus return and their express ticket to heaven, a.k.a. the New Jerusalem. Sadly, these distorted beliefs impact their voting, and the voting of quite a few right-wing pseudo-Christians. Everybody loves a good mystery, but this is little more than a run of the mill delusion that serves nobody well. The fact that, in some circles, it passes for orthodox Christianity, does us all a tremendous disservice. There’s nothing kind about failing to challenge this nonsense. Failing to challenge it is enabling it, and is hurting us all.

Oh yes, and Jesus’ return. Either we have been looking in the wrong places and missed it or it means something else. One thing we can be certain about is that destroying the planet will only hasten our departure.

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