Valid Spirituality and Religion

Many people seem to be almost obsessed with deciding for others whether their particular path is valid or not. I find that to be a curious practice mostly rooted in the insecurity of the people declaring everyone else to be on an invalid path. To be sure, there are a few criteria which do definitively disqualify a path as being valid. Those would be the killing or harming of living beings, including the abuse or manipulation of them, and the destruction of the environment. After all, a path that destroys the planet destroys its inhabitants, too. Beyond that, the proof is in the pudding. If a path leads someone closer to the goal, then it’s valid – even if it makes someone else uncomfortable by virtue of not fitting into the rules of their particular path. That’s not relativism, it’s an acknowledgment that the Divine is much bigger than all of us, and certainly bigger than our human made religions and spiritualities!

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