Speak Less, Reflect More; Act Even Less, Pray Even More

It seems that everybody has a solution they are only too willing to share with us at a moment’s notice to every problem currently confronting society – and a few problems that haven’t even popped up yet. It also seems to be the case that a good many, if not most, of those solutions aren’t worth the breath needed to share them. We need, as the old proverb goes, the make sure our brains are loaded before shooting off our mouths. The intensity of emotions that accompany times of crisis does nothing to facilitate clear thinking. Problems like the ones manifesting in America lately didn’t arise overnight, and the solutions won’t be found overnight, either. We all need to get better at thinking, praying, and meditating before offering solutions to social problems. The result will be that many bad ideas won’t ever be offered aloud and the ideas that are offered aloud will be of a higher quality. That would be a step in the right direction.

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