Music as a Sign of Aging

I was watching a video clip of a woman who impersonates female singers the other day when it hit me: I didn’t know who all of those people were!he-alkaseltzer Oh, sure, I know who Adele and Kelly Clarkson are, and Celine “Throw Me A Sammich” Dion and Babs Streisand were easy, but after that it dropped off pretty quickly. I know the name Demi Lovato was on one of those X-Factor shows or something, but I couldn’t tell you what she sings, and Idina Menzel? Who? So, I Googled them and discovered they are both very attractive young women, but I had no urge to listen to their music. Then I realized the moment I swore would never arrive back when I was in my twenties and thirties had in fact arrived: I am out of touch with pop culture. I’ll pause while you scream in shock and horror…there. I also learned that, rather than being equivalent to being cast in to a cultural wasteland as I assumed it would be lo, those many years ago, it actually feels pretty good. In fact, it’s quite a relief, it is.

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