I Don’t Know Your Jesus

I have become impressed lately with how many Jesuses there seem to be. Almost everyone seems to have their own little Jesus, and about all they have in common is that they have little, if anything, to do with the Jesus found in Scripture. Of course, we can allow that the Jesus of Scripture is to some extent the Jesus of the biblical authors and so may not be a perfect depiction of the real Jesus – much less the risen Christ. Then there is the reality that most preachers who want to remain employed cannot afford to offer a sincere presentation of their perspective on Jesus for fear of irritating the power brokers in their denominations and/or congregations. For that matter we can ask whether a contemporary pastor, who often spends so much time on administrative duties that prayer has become a luxury, even has any idea of who Jesus has become for him or her. In the end, the best advice for us may be to trust our own experience and gut and find some trusted friends with whom we can have meaningful dialogue rather than drink the kool-aid that is “professional Christianity.”

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