Individual Rights

I’m not impressed by people who are always eager to assert their rights. I am actually much higher more interested in our rights, in universal human rights, because it seems to me that whenever I hear someone carrying on about their rights what they are really trying to do is get something for themselves they aren’t especially willing to see the rest of us to have. They aren’t concerned about freedom from unreasonable search and seizure laws, they are trying to get themselves out of the jam they find themselves in at this moment. They are concerned about their son or daughter going off to war, and on a good day might be concerned about your child doing the same, but couldn’t give a damn about a child from Palestine having to do the same. They want to eat a nice, privileged organic vegetarian diet, but are opposed to their tax dollars going to feed breakfast and lunch to urban (meaning people of color) children – or if they are willing to provide the meal they think some pink slime nuggets will do nicely. More often than not, claims about my rights are little more than thinly disguised selfish games, and we need to start naming them for what they are.

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