What isn’t fun

There are times, spaces, and places when we all have to do things that aren’t especially fun. In fact, every once in a while we will have to do something that’s especially unpleasant. I will never forget gagging my way through my first adult diaper change working in healthcare! Usually, though, we either get used to what we initially found almost unbearably unpleasant or we change something so we don’t have to do it. It’s the things in the middle, somewhere between no big deal and gagging, that catch us. We make up the fiction the life isn’t supposed to be that way, that everything is supposed to be peachy keen all the time. That’s nothing more than self deception. Nobody does only what they enjoy, not even the rich. In fact, those unpleasant tasks are most often our growing edge and we avoid them to out detrement. So pinch your nose and dive in, you’ll be amazed at what you find!

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