Saccharine Compassion

Saccharine Compassion isn’t. I am still surprised by the number of online groups I stumble across professing to be about lovingkindness or compassion, the content of which is nothing more than a kind of sickly sweet ooze of well wishing and positive affirmations. While those things may be great – to someone, I find them nauseating – they are not compassion. True compassion requires a willingness to engage the other and listen to them, not simply dismiss them as quickly as possible, preferably without having to hear anything messy. That’s what makes compassion a spiritual practice – it isn’t easy and it requires investment. Too many people today are looking for quick and easy spirituality loaded with instant gratification. That’s called masturbation, not spirituality, and while it has its benefits we should be honest and call it what it is. If you want to be the Dalai Lama of Diddling, more power to you. Just know that awakening is not around the corner.

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