Living in Chaos

We all know people who seem to prefer living in chaos. That person many even by us! These people move from one crisis to chaosanother, constantly on high alert, ready to respond at a moment’s notice – and expecting others to do the same. They can seem like miracle workers, great friends when we need help but moderately to severely annoying when we don’t. In fact, if we aren’t in crisis when we encounter these people, they can be downright exhausting.

In truth, we run at constant crisis/chaos mode because it is an effective way to avoid looking at our own issues. The problem is that those issues don’t go away. Our problems continue to percolate under the surface, growing in intensity until they erupt in the most disruptive way imaginable – and then no amount of crisis response will put Humpty back together again. If you run in crisis mode, leaving chaos in your wake, the time is now to start learning to slow down and learn to appreciate calmness and tranquility. You health depends on it.

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