When Did Lying Stop Being a Problem?

I don’t know about you, but I find more and more young people who don’t seem to think lying is a problem. It’s not just the so-calledcrossed fingers white lies that are no longer a problem, it’s the big black lies, too. It seems that, for some people at least, I can tell you whatever I want whether true, false, or somewhere in between and I will then expect that there shouldn’t be any consequences for me deception. Should you dare to, at some point down the road, question whether or not I am telling you the truth you can expect I will let you have it with both barrels.

Let’s just be direct. Telling the truth is about being reliable and being a personal of integrity. When we deceive people, we will be seen as unreliable and lacking integrity – and that’s as it should be. Opinions to the contrary just don’t change reality.

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