Ray Rice and Lessons Learned

It’s wrong for a man to hit a woman. It’s always wrong. There are no exceptions. It doesn’t matter who you are, who she is, or the details surrounding the event. It’s wrong. Period. It doesn’t matter if the victim later says it was right, because it isn’t. There are stop-domestic-violenceseveral things in the world like this – things that are always wrong, period, no exceptions. Ray Rice is a walking, talking, punching piece of human excrement who has absolutely no business being in a position where our children might idolize him and want to be like him. The NFL, for all its prattling on about “protecting the shield,” was slow in responding, responded inadequately, and now is lying about the details of its late and inadequate response to try to cover its own ass. The Commissioner of the NFL as well as the owner and general manager of the Baltimore Ravens are part of the problem, and need to go as well. Those of us who are male and understand what it is to be a real man must demand change and must not accept excuses. It’s long past time for a new attitude toward domestic violence in this country, and that attitude simply must be zero tolerance.

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