Killing the Spirit

You’re fat, skinny, ugly, stupid, bad, trouble, naughty…the list goes on and on. All you have to do is stand in line at the grocery Quotation-Robert-Fulghum-living-spirit-encouragement-Meetville-Quotes-119164store waiting to check out and you will hear it, especially after school hours. Parents say these things to kids, kids say them to each other, adults say them to each other – just about every imaginable combination exists and with frightening frequency.

Every time one of these expression crosses our lips, we do damage to the spirit of another – and it’s usually someone we claim we love. To be sure, nobody is perfect, but if these expressions cross your lips more than once in a blue moon the truth is that you probably hate yourself and are taking it out on those around you. Get some help, and do it now

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